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Green Bay, Wisconsin 3 comments

Heiting Transport is located on the edge of a zoned residential neighborhood, but being exempt from the zoning laws themselves, they think they have the right to run their trucks incessantly, park in the street outside my house leaving the trucks running, and make noise at all hours of the night.

I have complained to the town about this, and have been told because he's "trying to be a good neighbor" (yeah right) he is entitled to run his business as he sees fit. I find this to be ridiculous, since he shows zero consideration for the fact that people live in this neighborhood.

I only recently moved in to this house, and cannot tell you how much I regret this. If I had known I was moving into a random truck stop, I never would have moved here. Never.

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Heiting Transport is an absolute class act in what's left of the free enterprise system.If 'anonymous' (you can't even sign your name?) thinks that trucks, (or in Heitings case, 1 truck), idle excessively with fuel at $4.00 per gallon, I have property on the moon for sale.

You should be glad you live next to a successful company, and appreciate the exorbatant amount of taxes that trucking companies such as this have to pay, unlike many of our leaders who think the financial well will never run dry. Any noise or other distractions are a mere pitance when compared to the success this company brings to our state.

I could only wish Heitings' success on all of the other small businesses in Wisconsin.If this does not suffice for a response, I would invite you to move next to any number of failing businesses in our state, or maybe even next to a farm, where the odorific values would not meet your expectations either.


To the lady who complains about Heiting Transport.He has resided there for many, many years.

His business was located there years before the zoned residential area/subdivision was developed. Why would anyone purchase a house across from a trucking company if you didn't want to be distracted by the trucks. They only are parked on the street & running for short periods of time while the driver is showering or gathering papers for his next loads.

There haven't been any other complaints from anyone.What does this tell you about the person making the complaints!


Heiting Transport is a great company and has done a fantastic job of serving the community for many years. The company is located on the edge of a residential area, but Heiting Transport was there prior to development of the residental area/subdivision.

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